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Always Be A Winner!

2008-10-08 04:04:31 by Bacchanalian

I ask you, "what is an atom?"

You tell me, "it's the smallest unit of an element, made of neutrons, electrons, and protons."

I ask you, "what is the capital of Cameroon?"

You tell me, "I don't need to bother with useless trivia."


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2008-10-10 14:52:48

Too true


2009-01-22 20:24:52



2009-05-17 03:15:23

Actually an atom isn't the smallest, I've heard of atoms being made of some kind of stuff called "quarks" er something, which is just pretty much energy, now wtf could that be made of.....(plays spooky music)

(Updated ) Bacchanalian responds:

I'm aware of this, hence the term "unit" which here means: the smallest collection of quarks that can be called [insert name of element].

Obviously an atom isn't the smallest particle, as I myself said the atom was comprised of protons neutrons and electrons.

Oh... and regarding what energy is made of... ves/1998-11/912178539.Ph.r.html

And actually... your reply has me wondering: do you actually understand the point of the news post?


2009-12-11 22:21:00

Lol, I think ironicly Shaggy offered the antithesis of this news post.