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Posted by Bacchanalian - October 5th, 2010

A less elegant Epicurean approach in progress...

If we are to say that belief is a matter of conviction or opinion [a position apart from fact, empiricism, objectivity, or intrinsically effective (as oppose to absolute) consequences] does it not then follow that belief is in a sense unconditional: an assuredness of conditions that are not classically knowable, or an assuredness that does not, by nature of what it is, intrinsically reflect the conditions it alleges of known reality?

And if this is the case, does it not then follow that the motivation to believe is essentially disconnected, in the aforementioned sense, from what is believed?

Yet, if we are to say that belief is also a matter of laying claim to {what is}, does it not then follow that a belief betrays itself, in acknowledging that that which it posits is not necessarily what is - but what is wished to be?

Why not call it a wish? Or are the two words not synonymous afterall?

Personal Belief

Posted by Bacchanalian - January 19th, 2010

You will become what you hate, given that you assume a label-defining role of someone-that-you-hate. [ Given that we share many roles with one another, you will assume the role eventually. ] And by the time you've undergone any transformation, your decision to be what you once hated is justified, and you may not even hate it anymore. Any action that you once disliked, or dislike now, may be necessary at some point. And it may be necessary for you to be the perpetrator. Of course, by then you probably won't see yourself as such.

But the relativity from past-selves to future-selves reveals that the offense committed is generally as contrived as the offense taken.

Though maybe, the critical stance is better to take, on general principles. You're no more entitled to indulgences now as you were before as you will be. Young self-interest, as contrived as it may be in this relativistic schism, and the discontent in having taken offense at least serve to highlight the indulgences of the old self-entitled.

On the bright side it's unlikely you'll become everything you hate.

You'll Become What You Hate

Posted by Bacchanalian - October 19th, 2008

Finally in Picture form!

The Fundamental Drive for All Actions!

Posted by Bacchanalian - October 8th, 2008

I ask you, "what is an atom?"

You tell me, "it's the smallest unit of an element, made of neutrons, electrons, and protons."

I ask you, "what is the capital of Cameroon?"

You tell me, "I don't need to bother with useless trivia."